A road-side Artist, a man like lotus.


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Under the Beaming sun, while roaming around the crowded streets;

We Stumbled on the Art by the pavement, today.

The person, he was so whiz at his artwork.

So hypnotized by it, failed to heed the horde of people around who were admiring him.

He created Art from anything and everything that was given to him; paper, cloth, plastic, thermacol, ribbons, feathers, rope. Literally anything and everything!

In the city like Mumbai, where people are so toiling at proliferating their income, it was so awe-inspiring to spot someone who was making these wonderful art and giving it away to the people he come across, without excepting any profits, in return.

He solely engaged himself with an Art because, he enjoyed it and he never wanted to turn it into a business. Maybe because, he wanted to keep the REAL artist within him alive, who just craved to experiment with the creativity he possessed rather than channelizing it into a source of Income.

Have a look at the pictures and you would get to know how wonderful his work is to be not sold for any returns.
He claimed, its been more than 25 years that he is associated with this artwork.

He added, he has travelled to many cities and villages in India, over all these years and has left a foot mark of his wonderful art everywhere he went.

While summarizing, we would love to say that, we were deeply touched by the gestures of this person,
who truly justifies the meaning of his name, “Arvind” means; lotus.

Which is;

a symbol of purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals

He will always keep reminding us,

why most of the Artists chose to be poor by income but Rich at heart and at their Art

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A very startling place we came across in the state Tamil Nadu (India) was an organization called WELL paper. This place located in Auroville town, was full of art and positive vibes!
WELL paper : Women Empowerment through Local Livelihood, aims at empowering local village women to build their skills, manage and maintain the self-sustaining units.

All the products made by them are Handmade and eco-friendly, transforming recycled newspapers into Art.
You would be dumbfound after having a look at an art they create, be it a basket, ear rings, bowls, coasters, bracelets, papier-mache  figures. Everything is so pleasing to the eye.


They have mentioned, they use idli grinding machine for making the paper plup, this shows us how they embraced the meeting of Lore and enterprise.
Being local, they use primary available raw materials are natural colors and recycled newspapers.

You must once pay them a visit and experience the positivity prevailing over there.

The colourful accessories won’t fail to put a smile on your face!

The most attention grabber was those cute papier-mache figures placed together in all the different sizes and colorful shades.

img-20161229-wa0042.jpgGirls would go made over the accessories they made, those pretty ear rings, bracelets, hair clips won’t let you step out untill you take them home along!

It is indeed the best place to visit if you like to collect and decorate your house with all the handmade and artistic pieces which would melt everyone’s heart.

P.s. I felt at home when I visited this place, it was so warming and welcoming both to my eyes and soul.

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We, are the two art walkers, wandering for an avidity of discovering Artworks all around us.

Our goal is to locate more and more art and to unfold the beauty it retains by sharing it with each and every single art admirer we stumble on.

Art is not only something limited to paintings and sketchings, there’s more to it. Art is not only colorful but, the different shades of grey as well! Art is a piece of soul of an artist. And as every soul is quirky so is the art they create.

Now that we are set out on a journey of discovering and trying to comprehend the different souls and the art they manifest, join us and appreciate the beauty!